Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Scott Tracy was born on 4th April 2039 and is the eldest of the Tracy brothers. He was named after an astronaut "Scott Malcolm Carpenter".
Scott attended Yale and Oxford universities and did a stint in the U.S air force before joining international rescue.

 Scott Tracy is the pilot of Thunderbird 1and is always the first to arrive at the danger zone to assess the situation.
Scott also helps co-pilot Thunderbird 3 with his brother Alan.
On rare occasions he has been known to take a stint on Thunderbird 5.

 Scott is placed in command when his father Jeff is absent.
He is considered to be quick thinking and the confidence to make instant decisions with determination and bravery.
Ladies, he is a real catch.. too bad he hasn't been born yet.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

THUNDERBIRD 5 ( international rescue )

Hello and welcome back.. Thunderbird 5 is the heart of  "international rescue". This massive space station is packed with essential goodies including scanning equipment that can monitor every radio transmission up to 100 million miles with special filters to pick up on distress calls in any language.

John Tracy and his brother Alan take it in turns to run Thunderbird 5, often staying on board for 1 month at a time ( can't order pizza ).
 The station is run on atomic battery's and piles on the bottom floor ( the entire bottom floor ) while the second floor is for sleeping,  hoping nothing goes wrong below you...
The 3rd floor is where all the action happens while monitoring the world 

On the very top houses a astrodome with a powerful hi-resolution telescope.. you can use it manually or plug it into a monitor so everyone can have a perv look...

See how powerful the telescope really is ... ( this was taken over hovering over japan )

Haha.. cheers

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Thunderbird 4 is a small underwater craft piloted by Gordon Tracy and is carried by Thunderbird 2. This nifty submarine is only 30 feet long and is highly manoeuvrable and is one of the most fastest subs in the world.

This beast is powered by 2 turbo drives that run twin atomic generators and 6 drive turbos for underwater power while smaller jet engines are used for surface cruising. Lighting is from a front mounted trough, other equipment includes a laser cutter, electromagnet, hydraulic rams and a missile launcher for items that get in your way.

What would Thunderbird 4 be like on today's roads ?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Thunderbird 3 is the main transport for getting to and from thunderbird 5 ( international rescue ). This orange beast is 287 feet high, and is stationed under the round house some distance from the Tracy house.It sits on huge columns that absorb the blast during takeoff. Alan tracy is the pilot for this ship and is taken via a lounge settee in the lounge room that channels under ground into a access tunnel. The lounge is then lifted into the base of thunderbird 3, then exit the lounge, then into a lift and then onto the cockpit. Another lounge is replaced so there are no suspicions if visitors should rock up.


This craft is able to reach speeds of 25,200 mph which is required to exit earths atmosphere with ease. Inside thunderbird 3 is the remaining lounge,cockpit and sleeping quarters which are housed within a twin wall hull for added protection from meteors... just in case.


Sometimes on rare occasions , thunderbird 3 is used as a rescue vehicle when a outer-space mission is required and Scott Tracy will accompany Alan on some missions.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Thunderbird 1

Hello and welcome back... Thunderbird 1 is the flagship craft of all the international rescue equipment. It can reach top speed of 15,000 mph and is 115 feet long and a wing span of 80 feet. The launch site for this beast is under the swimming pool. The entire pool slides back under the patio and thunderbird 1 takes off.

 Thunderbird 1 has 4 booster rockets used for take-off and landing, also ram-jet thrusters and a mid mounted sustainer rocket are used for horizontal landings. The role of thunderbird 1 is to get to the danger zone as soon as possible so that Scott can asses the situation.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Thunderbird 2

Hello and welcome back... Thunderbird 2 is my most favorite of all the spaceships used.. probably because of the chunky wing on the back.The heavy duty freighter is piloted by Virgil Tracy and often carries rescue equipment to the disaster site.It is 250 ft long, wingspan of 180ft and is 60ft high.The underneath Thunderbird 2 is a huge pod and has 6 pods to choose from.The launch sequence is the thing i love most, because the wingspan is too big, the palm trees that line the runway move out the way to make room.

Love the way they flick out to the side.. funny stuff... Thunderbird 2 is powered by an atomic pile in lightweight shielding and can reach speeds of 5000 m.p.h. and cruising speed of 2000 m.p.h. and has 4 tailplane -mounted turbo jets to provide power to boot... BUT is that enough power in real life.. i wonder.

haha ... until next time .. thunderbirds are go

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Fab 1 is lady Penelope's pink Rolls Royce and is driven by her chauffeur "Parker" and by looking at it you can tell that this is no ordinary car.The car is 21 feet long and reaches speeds in excess of 200m.p.h . Its most striking feature is the 2 extra set of wheels that were needed to support the weight of the power unit under the hood. Fab 1 has a bullet proof cabin ( just what every driver needs when driving down the m4 ) and the steering wheel is centrally positioned & has radar assisted steering. There are no mirrors on the car as the driver uses a small television on the dash. Guns are a must on this car and there's plenty on this beast... there are machine gun both front (under the grill ) and rear, swivel laser beam in the rear wings and jets that let loose smoke and oil from the rear bumper ( use that on tailgaters as you give them the bird ). And just when you thought it can't get any can drive it on water as well,the car is equipped with hydrofoils which lifts it out of the water and is fitted with a vortex-aquajet powerpack.. oh and its also got skis for snow.. just in case. Nifty